Thank you for joining us at CFX 22! See you next year.

CFX: The Summit for Exploring Food Trends, Operations, Safety & Technology Through Collaboration & Networking


Convenience stores sell convenience. It’s in their name. But in a post-pandemic era, c-store operators are looking toward a future in which customers’ expectations have dramatically altered. The rise of work-from-home models, stay-in and order delivery, and heightened preference for fresh food and better hygiene are pushing c-store retailers to reevaluate their foodservice operations.

From upgrading kitchens and optimizing menus to testing new services like home delivery, c-stores must adapt and change to meet consumers’ new definition of convenience.

So join us in Savannah, Ga. for two days of education, collaboration, networking and problem-solving as we explore the ways retailers are working to keep their foodservice operations relevant in a post-pandemic world. We’ll discuss:

  • What kitchen upgrades give you the best return on investment
  • Dealing with supply chain challenges
  • How menu innovation can drive foodservice growth
  • Getting the right mix of grab-and-go and made-to-order
  • The new essentials of food safety
  • Online ordering, home delivery, drive-thrus, and much more.

June 21-22, 2022