This important site will communicate event details and deadlines. Please read thoroughly and use as a guide in your planning. 

We will be here with you each step of the way!

This kit:
 - Provides information regarding event details, your session, important deadlines;
 - Contains a direct link to your registration page;

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Wednesday, April 26

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Friday, May 12


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 Date & Time

Thursday, May 4th from 8:15am to 9:00am CT.

The agenda may fluctuate slightly as it is finalized to create the best timing and program for the event. We will keep you updated to any date or time changes. 

Please arrive to your session a minimum of 60 minutes prior to your session time and we encourage you to enjoy all other sessions and experiences.


You are scheduled to present your session on your own (not part of a panel.)
The following AV equipment will be available to you:

  • Projector, laptop, microphone, slide advancer, WiFi

Laptop will be a PC , if you are presenting from Keynote, please save as a PDF or be sure to reach out to Gabriela ahead of time.

If you have additional requests, please email [email protected]. Not all requests can be honored.

Please e-mail your finalized presentation no later than 4/26/23 to [email protected] and also bring your presentation to your session on a thumb drive. 
Please download and embed any videos in your presentation and do not rely on internet access to play. 
If you require sound during your presentation (not microphone but laptop sound/video sound) you must request this by 3/31/23 or it may not be available.


We expect approximately 75 in attendance at your session. 
Attendees are a mix of executive and c-suite retailers and includes some suppliers.

 Hotel & Venue

Hilton Nashville Downtown
121 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201

We will book a hotel room on your behalf for the nights of May 3rd and May 4th, 2023.

If you need other arrangements or do not need both of these room nights, please e-mail [email protected].

You will receive a confirmation number for your hotel check-in by 4/28/23.

Convenience Store News will cover your room charges including tax, however the Hilton will ask for a personal card to use for any incidentals you incur during your stay.

Important Note on CFX Venue Availability:

After the Convenience Food Exchange venue was determined, a popular music artist announced their tour is visiting Nashville over the weekend following CFX. This created immediate market demand for hotel rooms and due to this demand we are unable to add/accommodate any hotel rooms at our group rate or assist with securing any rooms at the Hilton Downtown Nashville for any date outside of the 5/3-5/5 event dates. 

If you would like to extend your stay after CFX has concluded, you will need to book directly through the Hilton Downtown Nashville site or seek other available lodging. On the day of this posting (1/31), there were reasonable hotel rates available near the Nashville International Airport. 

 Flight Reimbursement

Convenience Store News will reimburse you up to $300 for your round trip airfare or mileage to Nashville, Tennessee.

All reimbursement is completed through ACH direct deposit and can only be processed after the event has concluded. Direct Deposit allows you to receive your funds quicker and is a standard payment method. We assure you that we have an extremely secure server and your account information is protected.  
Please e-mail the following items to [email protected] by May 12th to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement can take up to 45 days to process. 
Items to e-mail by May 12th*:

  • Image of receipt for travel/flight/mileage.(If over, we will automatically send the max of $300.)
  • A completed ACH form HERE.
  • A photo of a voided check or a snapshot from your mobile banking app that shows:
  • Account Number
  • Routing Number 
  • Please crop picture or black out any information other than account/routing number. 

*Reimbursements sent after May 12th will not be able to be processed.

 Nashville, TN

Music City USA

Foodservice Takes Center Stage in Music City USA! Convenience Store News brings together foodservice decision-makers for an experiential networking and collaboration event in one of the country's best food cities.

Creativity is the heart and soul of Music City and there’s never a shortage of inspiring things to do. From music, culture, and the arts to food, sports, and shopping, there is an “only in Nashville” experience waiting for you.

 Registration Details

You must officially register your attendance using the registration code: CFXSPEAKER

Please complete your registration immediately (If you are already registered for the event, please disregard this action item).

Each speaker is required to complete the registration form on the site in order to attend.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, please call the hotel directly at 1 (800) 774-1500 to make your reservation for additional nights outside show dates, these nights will be at the standard hotel rate for those nights. Please inform the hotel that the additional nights will be charged separately as we will cover the agreed upon conference nights. 

A: Please review this speaker kit in full and keep an eye out for additional important emails sent out prior to the conference. Gabriela Silva will send a final need-to-know email, containing many important details to ensure you have a joyful and smooth on-site experience. Please keep an eye out for this email the week of April 24th.

A: Yes, complimentary basic internet access will be available throughout the CFX Meeting space. 

A: Please notify Donald Longo, [email protected], as soon as possible and he will provide further assistance.

A: Please see our Session Details section of the guide. For more information and questions, please contact Gabriela Silva, [email protected].

A: No; but we recommend for you to keep your presentation to a maximum of 10-15 slides. Use the first 2 - 3 slides to describe the focus of your presentation. End the slide deck with three (3) key takeaways. Stay away from too much text on your slides. Use visuals and case studies.

A: We completely respect your privacy. Please notify Gabriela Silva, [email protected]. Please save your presentation to a flash drive and bring the flash drive with you on site the conference, for utilization during your speaking session.

A: We ask for all speakers to please be on site and present for your speaking session 45-60 minutes prior to the start of your session. If you are using a Power Point presentation and/or media during your session and did not submit your presentation/media in advance, please plan to arrive on site two-to-three hours prior to the start of your session so that we can load and test your presentation.


Don Longo
[email protected]

Paula Lashinsky
[email protected]

Gabriela Silva
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Marci Saling
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Krista Travis
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We appreciate your partnership and are excited for a successful, engaging event!